The goal of the Direct Install program is to facilitate the installation of a comprehensive package of cost-effective energy efficiency improvements for each project. The program is designed to be turn-key and to provide owners a seamless, comprehensive process for analyzing and incentivizing equipment replacement that results in reduced energy consumption, lower utility costs and greater profitability.

Q. What entity underwrites the cost of program?

New Jersey Direct Install was created by the NJ board of Public Utilities as part of their Clean Energy Program. The funding is provided through the Green Energy charge on your utility bills. If you look closely on your utility bills, the line item "Societal Benefit Charges (SBC)" is the charge that funds programs like these.

Q. Does it matter which utility is your service provider?

No, all utilities in New Jersey partake in the program.

Q. Will we be eligible? What are the limitations or restrictions on eligibility?

There is a 200kw average DEMAND limit per meter. Applicant cannot exceed the average for any 12 month period. Demand is found on left side of bill and not to be confused with KWH (Kilowatt Hours)

Q. What is the precise financial benefit if we were to participate in this program?

There are many benefits. You will save money on your energy bills. You will save on equipment costs. You will also significantly reduce your maintenance costs. Finally, getting in front of equipment issues allows you to be proactive rather than reactive. Replacing your aging equipment before it breaks down allows you to choose better quality products instead of paying high prices for low performing equipment because of an emergency. Again, the program pays for up to 70% of total project cost.

Q. Tri-State Light & Energy is certified to participate in this program and experienced in its administrative requirements, correct?

Tri-State Light and Energy is one of only six selected contractors in the state to facilitate this program

Q. What information, other than 12 months of utility invoices, must be provided to get started on the program?

No other information is needed. We only need to see your utility bills to measure your meter demand to confirm you qualify.

Q. You mentioned that you do the prep of paperwork as part of the job scope. What type of paperwork are you referring to and how much is there? What kind of documentation is typically required of us in the process of applying for the financial benefit. We have a perception that typical funding programs require a lot of paperwork for the entity to get the benefit and do not want to supply a lot of documentation. We don’t want any surprises.

All you need is 12 months of Electric bills (gas if you are applying for HVAC) Application (which is very brief, facility info) and signed Scope of Work we provide.

Q. What is the benefit of using Tri-State Light & Energy as a vendor on these programs vs. other electrical contractors or lighting companies? We currently use both large and small contractors for our on site lighting projects. Our current vendors do a pretty good job. Why use this program?

Tri State light and Energy has exclusive contract with the State for Mercer, Middlesex, Cumberland, Gloucester, or Salem Counties. The funding is not available to you in these counties without going through us. In addition, we are authorized in all other counties. There are only six other contractors in the state that can facilitate this program. We all have the same costs dictated by the State. Most property management firms work with one of us to keep the paperwork and project management fluid.

Q. What information, other than 12 months of utility invoices, must be provided to get started on the program?

No other information is needed. We only need to see your utility bills to measure your meter demand to confirm you qualify.

Does the program cover LEDs?

Yes, it covers both interior and exterior LEDs.

Q. If we decided to participate and asked you to go to the sites to develop specific proposals, what information/detail/documents would you want before going out?

We need both twelve months of electric bills and a signed application.

Q. What about after the project? Is there a post-installation or post-reimbursement program we must comply with? Are there any kind of surveys that must be provided after the fact or auditing requirements?

Post inspection is done randomly and simply verifies that we have installed what is on Scope of Work.

Am I correct in that companies like yours will also build in a provision where the benefit is assignable to the contractor, rather than the client applying and waiting for direct reimbursement. If I’m correct about that, let’s talk about it.

This New Jersey Direct Install is funding. It is not a rebate program. Your financial responsibility is for the 30% only. The program funds the remaining 70%.

Q. Overall, what has Tri-State you found to be the most tricky or difficult part in getting from A to Z on a program like this?

Getting our customers to believe that it is not "too good to be true". This may sound like a bit of a cliche but it is true; we hear it every day.

Interested in Learning More About New Jersey Direct Install?

Sometimes, the biggest challenge to improving energy efficiency is knowing where to start and how to get through the process. Created specifically for existing small to medium-sized facilities, Direct Install is a turnkey solution that makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to high efficiency equipment.

Direct Install is designed to cut your facility’s energy costs by replacing lighting, HVAC and other outdated operational equipment with energy efficient alternatives. The program pays up to 70% of retrofit costs. These dramatic incentives improve your payback on the project and provide continued savings through reduced utility bills.

As of June 30, 2019, 8,664 projects have been completed with approximately $196 million in incentives paid!

If you are in Mercer County, Middlesex County, Cumberland County, Gloucester County or Salem County and would like to learn more about upgrading your lighting and HVAC with Direct Install or would like to schedule your free energy assessment, please email email us or call us at 610.789.1900.