We Know
The Science of Energy
Need to reduce energy in your facility this year?
Our Analysts and Engineers work with the latest HVAC
and lighting technologies to develop custom recommendations
that reduce your energy consumption by 32% or more.
Need to Reduce Maintenance Costs?
Let Us Help!
Tri-State Light & Energy provides a strategic lighting
plan to reduce your life-cycle maintenance costs.
We recommend the right lamps, ballasts, lighting
strategies and controls to reduce your ten year
maintenance labor and material costs by 70-80%.
You Can
Afford the investment
Let your lighting project pay for itself! Tri-State
identifies grants, rebates, and tax refunds to help
pay for your project and offers a variety of finance
options that take advantage of low-interest rates.

What Makes TSLE So Different?

Not all energy solution providers are created equal. You need a trusted partner with the experience to overcome the challenges and complications that come with integrating older, existing systems with your building’s newer, more efficient future. We are engineers AND contractors. From PEs to CEMs, our certified team is highly experienced in working with the challenges and real world issues that come with project implementation.

Our organization is structured to think about you first, and how to maximize available resources and project benefits. We prioritize understanding your space and the type of work your team is doing. This is what drives solutions ... not cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all options that are guaranteed to disappoint.

We have over 40 years in business with thousands of lighting and HVAC efficiency projects under our belts. Whether you are looking to transform your facility with LED lighting and controls, tackle your HVAC’s energy drift and maintenance costs, or start your journey towards decarbonization, we provide the expertise and ability to drive your project to completion as cost effectively as possible.

Our Project Engineers are available to answer your questions or set up a consultation.

Contact us now.