We Know
The Science of Lighting
Need to reduce energy in your facility this year?
Our Lighting Analysts work with the latest lighting
technologies to develop custom recommendations
that reduce your lighting consumption by 62% or more.
Need to Reduce Maintenance Costs?
Let Us Help!
Tri-State Light & Energy provides a strategic lighting
plan to reduce your life-cycle maintenance costs.
We recommend the right lamps, ballasts, lighting
strategies and controls to reduce your ten year
maintenance labor and material costs by 70-80%.
You Can
Afford the investment
Let your lighting project pay for itself! Tri-State
identifies grants, rebates, and tax refunds to help
pay for your project and offers a variety of finance
options that take advantage of low-interest rates.

What Makes TSLE So Different?

We look down, not up. Most lighting contractors walk into your building, look up, and immediately begin counting your fixtures. Their default position is to sell you a “count and replace” solution.

Our first priority is to learn how you’re using your space and the type of work your team is doing. Only by first understanding the purpose of the area and what your people need to accomplish in that room can we determine the best lighting solution for you. One-size-fits-all solutions are guaranteed to disappoint so we work room by room to provide you with a tailored solution that works for each person and each task.

How do we do this? We bring the Science of Lighting to each opportunity.

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