TSLE starts every project with a scientific lighting analysis

A comprehensive analysis of your facility and current lighting system is the first step in planning your project, and the data collected from this survey is invaluable to the success of your lighting project.

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Scientific Lighting Analysis:

Tri-State Light & Energy starts every project with a lighting analysis, to provide a full analysis of your current lighting usage. Light Meters are used to evaluate current footcandle levels throughout your space. In addition, our experience helps us balance data from the Light Meters with what we see with our eyes. We balance this analysis to craft the perfect recommendation for your specific situation. Next, we use data collection devices, called data loggers, placed strategically in selected rooms or lit areas to eliminate guesswork and provide accurate information on your existing lighting usage. These data loggers record when lights are on or off and whether the room is occupied or empty.

Once the data is collected, we begin to translate energy savings into cost savings. We revisit your electric bills to determine your tariff. Our Elumenists then build a model using your 12-month billing history to calculate marginal costs for consumption and demand. Based on hard data, our Elumenists create a detailed Strategic Lighting Blueprint or plan for your entire facility. This includes recommendations for each room and area in your building, offering you customized solutions that reduce costs and save money.

Strategic Lighting Blueprint:

After completion of our Scientific Lighting Analysis, Tri-State Light & Energy provides you with a comprehensive Strategic Lighting Blueprint detailing our findings and offering you customized solutions for each work area in your facility. This report gives you a full spectrum review of your current lighting situation and focuses on how much can be saved in energy and dollars.

In addition to easy-to-read Solution Summaries that outline each section of your report, Tri State includes specifics on lamps and ballast recommendations, specifics on lighting requirements by individual areas in your facility, energy reduction strategies, electric usage analysis and more.

By avoiding a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Tri-State helps you achieve optimal energy and cost savings regardless of your facility lighting requirements.

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