TSLE understands how people use light to get things done

Whether office personnel in a commercial building, students in a high school, nurses in a health care setting or skilled craftsmen in a manufacturing plant, proper lighting is critical to safe, effective, maximum performance across your organization.

We've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Many buildings upgrade their lighting to save energy and reduce costs, but forget about addressing glare issues, shadowing and proper contrast levels. Unfortunately, "energy efficient lighting" does not always equal "good lighting." Instead of helping people work better, the lighting becomes an obstacle to peak performance.

The reality is: it doesn't cost any more to do it right.

When considering the lighting in your business, take an analytical approach, use data, leverage technology, and make sure that the experts understand all the nuances of this complex technical aspect of your company’s physical space.

By evaluating your specific needs and applying the Science of Lighting to develop solutions, you experience optimal lighting with maximized savings on energy cost!

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