Affordable energy solutions with PSE&G's Energy Saver Program

When considering lighting and HVAC effiency upgrades, finding funding can be a challenge. This is where PSE&G's Direct Install program comes in. PSE&G will make the investment in your energy efficient upgrades by initially covering 100% of the cost to install the recommended energy efficiency measures. You, in turn, will repay ONLY 30% of the total cost. Your 30% portion is paid back over three years (36 months) as a monthly installment on your utility bill.


Eligible government and non-profit customer facilities include municipal, local, and state government offices, courtrooms, town halls, police and fire stations, sanitation department buildings, transportation department structures, regional authorities, community centers, and all non-profit facilities that are a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) organization. County or regionally structured bodies, such as regional utility authorities (waste/sewer), also are eligible. Small businesses in Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZ) also qualify for program consideration.

Eligible government and non-profit customer facilities must have peak demands of 200 kW or less to be considered for this program. Customers must also be a PSE&G customer of record with a separately metered PSE&G electric or gas account. For more information about qualifying for the program, click here.

Systems and Equipment Addressed by the Program

  • Lighting retrofits now include LEDs and Exterior Lighting
  • Lighting Controls
  • Heating, Cooling & Ventilation (HVAC)
  • Refrigeration
  • Motors
  • Site specific custom projects

Benefits of Direct Install

  • The Program includes a FREE on-site energy audit of your facility's electrical equipment.
  • You will receive a proposal based on your audit, with recommended energy efficiency measures.
  • Installation of top of the line energy-saving equipment that will cut your energy costs up to 30%.

For more information on energy savings, email us or call us at 610.789.1900.

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