Start your day with one less task to tackle

Put you and your staff back where you belong – running your business.

  • Scheduled Lighting Service
  • On Call Lighting Maintenance
  • Cleaning & Group Relamping
  • Hard to Reach Lighting
  • Night Inspection

Protect your time and focus your energies on your most critical operating issues and eliminate lighting concerns from your daily routine. Free-up real estate from needless material and equipment storage and flip existing space from cost per square foot to new found profit centers.

Why waste your energy chasing failed bulbs and burned out lighting when TSLE can handle it for you? Turn to Tri-State Light & Energy for your lighting management and your customer-facing facility and engineering staff are free to do what you do best: to respond immediately to your client/tenants' most pressing requests.

We are stocked and ready to install energy efficient lighting in place of burned out fixtures. We’ll report to you directly on arrival, complete our repairs, and check with you before we leave to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Let the professionals at Tri-State Light & Energy customize a lighting package to meet to your needs:

  • Free-up your valuable in-house engineering staff from chasing burned-out lighting
  • Stop buying, renting and maintaining specialized lifts and equipment
  • Minimize your insurance costs and safety risks
  • Return to proactive facility and property management
  • Eliminate expensive lighting inventory you carry in stock

As a company that focuses our efforts on lighting services, we support you with a trained management and technical staff who:

  • Identify energy saving opportunities for you
  • Recommend security and safety improvements for your facility
  • Analyze your existing facility lighting and suggest solutions that improve lighting quality and reduce energy costs
  • Plan a budget for maintaining your lighting system
  • Provide on-demand answers and solutions to your most pressing lighting concerns

Tri-State Light & Energy can also:

  • Recommend lighting controls to operate your lighting system more efficiently
  • Capture incentive dollars from your local utility company to help pay for your upgrade to LED lighting
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