Start With Good Lighting

Tri-State understands good lighting practice and applies it to your situation with an Engineered Approach. Our Elumenists follow a thorough methodology to evaluate your current lighting system for energy consumption, operating costs and visual effectiveness. We then make recommendations based on measured, recorded data, accepted standards of lighting practice and first-hand experience, to optimize your use and cost of lighting throughout your facility.

Don't Look Up ... Yet

Many building owners and contractors make the classic mistake of approaching lighting upgrades by starting at the ceiling. For example, they might look up and see a common fixture, the four-lamp 2'x4' fluorescent troffer found in many buildings. Originally, that fixture contained four T12 lamps and two magnetic ballasts. Our building owner decides to retrofit it with a single electronic ballast and four high-efficiency T8 lamps. The result is more light and thirty percent savings. Not bad, except a lot of energy and money was left on the table. Why? Because this same fixture is found in offices, corridors, conference rooms and restrooms; yet each of these spaces has different lighting requirements!

Our Elumenists take a different approach. First they identify the tasks performed in a space. Then they measure existing lighting levels and evaluate the current lighting system for efficiency, visual comfort, maintainability, etc. Back in our Elumenation Lab, we develop cost-effective upgrades that satisfy your people's lighting requirements and deliver the financial results you need. Maybe the four-lamp fixture in our example only gets a three-lamp retrofit; or just two lamps and a reflector. Or any of forty other possibilities that help us fine-tune energy consumption and light output to the specific requirements of each different room and space in your building.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Tri-State Light & Energy provides custom solutions based on specific needs in your facility. Different areas of your facility require different amounts of light for optimal performance of your employees. By taking a unique, engineered approach, we find the delicate balance between energy savings and your lighting requirements to offer you the most effective results for your facility.

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