Lighting Controls are a vital component of an overall energy plan

They are now specifically included in building and construction codes. These codes reflect recent changes in national energy regulations.

Our Elumenist's specialize in control technologies and know where to position these sensors in your facility and how to adjust them for each work space to ensure optimal performance. While it may seem simple, sensors that are improperly positioned or adjusted can cause error on the job, unsafe working environments, and an overall disruption to work flow. With over 25 years of experience designing and installing Occupancy Sensor Lighting Controls, Tri-State Light & Energy has become the go-to resource to specify and install motion sensors.

Our Sensor Technologies:

When it comes to upgrading your facility with sensors, we know exactly what technologies will perform best in specific areas of your facility. From ultrasonic, to infrared, to microphonic, our Elumenists know which technologies provide the best energy and performance solution in your facility.

At TSLE, we understand that selecting the right lighting controls can be overwhelming. We take the time to educate you on suggested upgrades, the technology, and how it will directly benefit your organization.

Photo Sensors:

One of the best ways to kick-start your green initiative is to tap into natural lighting. It is essential that photo sensor controls are placed properly and adjusted accordingly, so your employees are not left in the dark. Our Sensor Experts know the ins and outs of photo sensor controls through their experience and vast success installing these sensors in other facilities and help you select the right sensors for your facility.

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