Parts & Pieces

As an Electrical Supply House, you stock and distribute thousands of SKUs, but to your customer those are just "parts and pieces." Your customers need complete solutions. Unfortunately, they are often left struggling to put all of your parts and pieces together. They need answers to their questions.

Which parts to use?
How much money and energy will they save long-term?
What will it cost to install?

On top of that, many of your customers don't even know to ask about the impact on their lighting and what it will look like once installed. You know what we're talking about. How many complaints have you heard about the awful color of those early CFLs? What about that glare-bomb 1000 watt metal halide fixture you sold the contractor, who hung it at only 15 feet above the floor? (Ouch!)

We know your business

How do we know so much about your issues? Because for twenty years we were manufacturers’ representatives (first for Novitas, then for Sensor Switch). We’ve worked hand-in-hand with your management to set up authorized stocking distributors. We’ve developed strong support relationships with your inside sales people to help them spec projects, and we’ve made joint calls with your outside sales people on their customers to create projects and pull sales through your inventory.

We help you sell

Tri-State Light & Energy works with your outside sales force to address your customers’ concerns and help them determine exactly what they need. When we’re finished, your customer has a single document guiding them. They will know what to purchase from you, where to install it, and how much they’ll save. We’ll even help them get it installed with expert project management support and experienced labor if they need it.

We work with your contractor customer as well

You say there’s already a contractor you're working with on this project? No problem! We’ve got twenty-five years of working closely with electrical contractors to help them provide great lighting projects to their close customers. No matter how the job is structured, we help your customers buy from you the “parts and pieces” they need.

Build your customers’ confidence by bringing them value-added expertise, guidance and a personal touch that your competition simply does not offer.

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