Do you have trouble understanding your electric bill and calculating your cost and energy savings over time?

Tri-State Energy Experts have a broad knowledge of energy conservation in today’s environment, for lighting and beyond. Our understanding of electric rates and our engineered approach to modeling your specific rate, combined with your own billing history, helps to manage your risk of overstating or miscalculating savings. Our comprehension of energy consumption and demand enables us to help you build your green initiative project plan based on your needs.

Everyone’s talking about going green, but what does that really mean?

Upgrading systems to be more energy-efficient seems like a great way to start a green initiative and save money in the process. However, performing an upgrade or new installation without a thorough analysis of your current energy consumption and specific needs prevents you from realizing the maximum potential of your project.

Understanding the difference between energy consumption and demand provides you with a unique insight in planning your project. Good decisions for energy conservation may not be good choices for lighting comfort; good decisions for lighting performance may not be good energy choices. We help you understand your utility bill so that you can take the right steps toward finding the delicate balance between going green, saving green and improving your facility.

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