TSLE is your partner for survey and design resources

Your client just retained you to provide an overall energy assessment of their facility. Do you really want to count all of those light fixtures?

A little background

Since the early 1980's Tri-State Light & Energy has been designing and installing occupancy sensor control systems. Back then, traditional manufacturers’ rep firms were not well-suited to support this emerging technology. So Tri-State was asked to fill the void. We’ve spent the last twenty years as manufacturers’ representatives for the largest and most innovative occupancy sensor and lighting controls manufacturers in the country. Our long history working hand-in-hand with engineering firms like yours gives us unique perspective into the needs of the MEP and Design community.

We know the accuracy, detail and support you expect from your partners. Our experience working with consulting engineers who specify occupancy sensors and networked lighting controls means your team works with people who speak your language and understand your challenges.

One thing leads to another

A funny thing happened while we were doing our job as manufacturers’ reps. Over the years, engineers noticed our survey and data logging work with end-user clients. Then they started requesting we help them with their clients. Now we offer our survey and design services as an important resource for you. Our detailed audits and the specific lighting upgrade recommendations provided by Tri-State Lighting & Energy allow you to focus on your areas of expertise. You can trust us to handle the lighting and energy aspects of your projects (as well as counting all of those lighting fixtures!).

Value-added benefits for engineers:

We’re competitive. Our specialized experience means that we have the resources and methods to conduct accurate and detailed surveys faster and more accurately than anybody else.

We help you design practical upgrades and specify cost-effective components the right way, based on over twenty-five years of lighting industry experience.

We use the latest technology and survey tools, offering accurate data through the use of proven software and methods. Our engineered approach yields accurate savings projections, and our understanding of the Science of Lighting and IES recommended practice ensures the proper lighting environment.

Finally, we understand the need for practical solutions, because we provide them every day for our own clients.

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