Tri-State Light & Energy understands the relationship between energy usage and cost savings. Our Energy Experts review, in detail, all aspects of your usage history from past energy performance, rate tariffs and demand expectation, to then provide a clear plan to reduce energy usage and save you money.
Tri-State Light & Energy offers a variety of finance options that take advantage of low interest rates, and coupled with the money you save each month on your electric bill, quickly turns your project into a cash positive opportunity.
There is money available to support your project. The team at Tri-State is expert at finding the perfect grants, rebates and tax refunds to support your project.
Tri-State understands that each area of your facility might need a different lighting solution for optimal employee performance. Our understanding of lighting science and human ergonomics provides you with specific lighting solutions based on your company's needs!
Tri-State understands the relationship between a well-designed lighting environment and a safe work place. We'll help you understand how to protect your building occupants and your insurance risks. Not only is our EMR rate low, but we'll help you lower yours as well.
There is money available to support your project. The team at Tri-State is expert at making sure you quality for the tax refunds to support your project. But our team takes it one step further by designing your project to make sure you more than qualify for any deductions.
While developing the most cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions, the Tri-State Lighting Analysts are also on the lookout for opportunities to reduce the number and upgrade the types of lamps and ballasts to minimize your spare parts inventory and lower your maintenance labor costs.
Tri-State Lighting Analysts are working with the latest in technology, processes and evaluation tools to develop customized solutions that reduce your lighting consumption by 50% or more.
Tri-State Lighting Analysts do a detailed analysis of your electric usage and de-mystify your electrical bill to show you exactly what you are paying for, and then we provide your company a plan to impact cost savings.
Our understanding of the difference between energy consumption and demand provides you with unique insight into reaching budgetary goals on your electric bill.
Our Sensor Specialists have designed and installed more sensor applications than anyone east of the Mississippi!
With Group Relamping, Tri-State Light & Energy provides a strategic replacement plan to optimize the performance of your current lamps and ballasts while planning for their replacement in a way that minimizes the costs of labor.
With the addition of lower utility costs and improved energy-efficient lighting, your property value increases by a factor of 10 for every dollar saved.