Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick, New Jersey is a popular restaurant that produces high quality, hand-crafted beers. Founded in 1996, the restaurant strives to give their customer a great dining experience by pairing beer with unique American cuisine ensuring a truly memorable tasting experience.

Project Summary

When Harvest Moon’s owner, Neil Glass, heard about the PSEG Direct Install program, he thought it sounded like a great opportunity to get some long overdue equipment upgrades in his facility. Leveraging PSE&G’s financial incentives and the three-year on-bill payback, the program enabled Harvest Moon to replace outdated equipment with new, energy-efficient equipment while taking years off his restaurant’s anticipated upgrade schedule.

The PSE&G Direct Install program is completely turnkey and includes a free energy assessment and incentives that cover up to 70 percent of the cost to upgrade approved lighting and equipment for nonprofits, municipalities and businesses in Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZs). Tri-State Light & Energy, one of the program’s participating contractors, audited the location and determined the restaurant qualified for more than $63,000 in lighting, HVAC and refrigeration upgrades. Harvest Moon’s eligible measures included LED lighting (interior/exterior), High Efficiency Gas/Electric Packaged Units, Dual Enthalpy and Electronic Fuel Use Economizers, Energy Efficient ECM Motors (for Evaporator Fans in Walk-In Coolers) and Integrated Refrigeration Controls for Walk-In Coolers.

PSEG’s incentives reduced Harvest Moon Brewery’s project costs from $63,656 to $19,097. The upgrades were completed in August 2017 and are anticipated to save the restaurant over $7,000 annually and over 45,000 kWh and 197 therms per year. With PSEG’s incentives and the on-bill payback, the project will pay for itself in less than three years. Looking back on the project, Glass was very pleased with both the audit and installation process. He is most satisfied with reducing his energy usage, having better controls in his restaurant and, of course, saving money. It would have taken years for him to do the upgrades on his own. Thanks to Tri-State Light & Energy and PSEG Direct Install, Neil is saving money and can focus on growing his business.

Efficiency Measures:

  • LED lighting (interior/exterior)
  • High Efficiency Gas/Electric Packaged Units
  • Dual Enthalpy and Electronic Fuel Use Economizers
  • Energy Efficient ECM Motors (for Evaporator Fans in Walk-In Coolers)
  • Integrated Refrigeration Controls for Walk-In Coolers

Project Savings:

  • Annual kWh Saved: 45,000 kWh
  • Simple Payback: 2.7 years (with incentives)
  • Eligible Incentives: $44,559 in funding through PSE&G Direct Install
  • Total Five Year Savings $35,053
  • Annual CO2 Saved: 31 Metric Tons
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