Founded in 1938, Victory Worldwide Transportation in Jamesburg, NJ offers domestic and international household goods relocation, fine art and antique moving, and storage services. They have earned a reputation as a premier transportation company providing high quality services for individuals, government, military, and corporate clients. After a number of years in their current facility, Victory’s Chairman, Jim Simpson, decided it was time to improve the lighting as well as upgrade his furnaces.

Project Summary

Through Direct Install from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, Tri-State Light & Energy, Inc. completed a free energy audit of the Victory facility. Victory reviewed the results and moved ahead with the project, replacing standard socket lamps, aging HID lamps and outdated Utubes with T8s. In addition, the retrofit included new LED exit signs, interior LED lighting, and Lighting Controls. Not stopping there, the program also replaced three of Victory’s furnaces and added programmable thermostats.

Direct Install paid for 70% of the project providing more efficient lighting and heating while reducing Victory's monthly utility bills.

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Efficiency Measures:

  • Lighting Fixtures Updated
  • Lighting Controls
  • New Furnaces
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Faucet Aerators

    Project Savings:

  • Projected Annual Savings - $18,818
  • Payback Period - 13 Months
  • kWh Saved Per Year - 118,742
  • I am writing to tell you I never expected the installation of the lighting and now the heating systems to go so smoothly, ... When you told me the program was a snap, I thought to myself that your comments were the typical sales response. I was wrong! You and your team have exceeded our expectations and your company’s execution was beyond belief. Your electricians worked as if they were Navy seals on a mission. They were fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with. They changed out our office lighting while my staff continued to work and there was no disruption in our warehouse operations as well. Your company deserves much credit as I believe execution is the key to a great company and your team certainly has delivered. Thank you.

    Jim Simpson, Chairman
    Victory Worldwide Transportation, Inc., Former NJ Secretary of Transportation