TSLE Boosts Engineering Consulting and Contracting Position

Supports Utility Clients and Customers with Engineered Solutions Approach

TSLE is excited to announce full-service Energy Engineering, Design Engineering, Consulting, and Contracting services. These services add to TSLE’s portfolio of existing energy efficiency offerings making TSLE a comprehensive engineering firm. Services include:

  • Comprehensive Surveys and Energy Audits
  • Project Engineering and Detail MEP/F Design Services
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Program Implementation Services
  • Commissioning and Retro-commissioning
  • Design/Build Services
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracting
  • Energy Management and Incentive Analysis

TSLE strategically expanded engineering services and capabilities to better help existing and new clients who would benefit from their vast range of expertise. This move solidifies TSLE’s position in the energy efficiency space providing multidisciplinary services on all energy related projects. With their eye on a total Integrated Project Management approach, TSLE’s expanded team allows for improved project implementation, single point of accountability, built-in QA/QC, and a unique perspective to effectively design and implement projects.

“At TSLE, we strive to offer full service, from Building Systems Design Services and Energy Engineering Consulting Services to Construction/Commissioning Services. This allows building owners and our utility partners to access a complete package of services from one firm,” said Tejas Desai, PE, President and Senior Engineer at TSLE. “Building out an engineering division is the organic place for us to grow. Expanding in this direction allows us to have greater technical capacity to fill those needs especially as statewide initiatives prioritize energy efficiency and de-carbonization.”

TSLE first moved towards comprehensive energy efficiency projects with the BPU’s Direct Install Program and PSE&G’s Direct Install program in 2009. When New Jersey transitioned from the BPU-run programs to Utility-run programs, TSLE added professional engineers and other engineering resources. As TSLE expanded, they were awarded Engineered Solutions Program projects for both Jersey Central Light & Power (JCPL) and New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG)

Tejas Desai, PE, TSLE’s first professional engineer, leads the team bringing 20 years of engineering and consulting experience in the study (audit), design, construction administration, project management, construction, and commissioning of conservation projects at hospitals, municipalities, Colleges/Universities and K-12 School. He has managed multidisciplinary engineering teams carrying out over 1,000 turnkey projects involving audit, design, commissioning and M&V and has built his professional career on providing engineering services for energy efficiency projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Tejas and his growing team are based out of the TSLE’s New Jersey office. As 2023 progresses, TSLE is stretching into other energy efficiency initiatives including EV charging, heat pumps, solar and battery storage, and additional Engineered Solutions Programs. TSLE continued to expand adding engineering resources as required for current work and more resources as further work is awarded.

About TSLE

TSLE is a forty year old Energy Engineering, Consulting, and Contracting firm. With roots in the core business of designing and building energy efficiency projects for small and midsize business, municipal, school and other commercial entities, TSLE has expanded and brought in-house engineering to offer integrated design services and Engineered Solutions. TSLE’s flexible, multi-discipline team works directly with small, medium, and large commercial, industrial, and institutional end-users as well as the ESCO and MEP community. TSLE also provides program delivery and implementation services for New Jersey’s statewide energy efficiency Direct Install programs and public electric utility incentive offerings from PSE&G, NJNG, JCP&L, South Jersey-ET Gas, and ACE. In New Jersey, TSLE holds Certificate of Authorization and DPMC Classifications for Engineering Services and Electrical Construction to serve NJ state and municipal customers.

For more information about TSLE and its engineering services, email engineering@tsle.com.